About Us

 We are a family based, in-home, high quality whippet breeder program. We've been involved in whippets for over 20 years. All of our dogs live in our House, with all the hustle bustle and wonderful noise that 5 children and lots of other dogs can make every day. We do genetic testing on all sires and dams, all Trezlar Whippets and puppies are AKC registered, We show confirmation at local dog shows regularly and would love to meet you there or invite you to our home. Our dogs have performed in performance events such as dock diving and lure coursing, as well as many many conformation shows. Additionally, I have obedience trained multiple Trezlar Whippets! But we also love all the pet homes we find for our dogs and we think snuggling on the couch, and in the bed with you, is a very important job as well!  Our dogs are both athletic, intelligent, beautiful on the outside, and have wonderful dispositions on the inside........all our lines are amazing with children for the rest of their lives because of their raising. We also run a very successful obedience training program and would be willing and love to work with you and your new puppy in one of our many training programs. I, Bri Slade, have a nursing degree with 10 years experience in the RN (registered nurse) field. I also have a psychology degree with research management work in that field. Currently, I have a wonderful job of being home obedience training all kinds of dogs (young and old) and focusing a high majority of my time on my 5 beautiful children and our Trezlar Whippets! I grew up in a home surrounded by dogs, Best In Show dogs and loving pets! I was raised at local dogs shows submersed in the dog sport for my whole life has set my life track towards breeding and showing and training dogs as an adult. My husband, Dave Slade is a Marine who fought in Desert Storm. He is currently a local successful bar-and-grill owner for over 12 years. Our five blessings, our children, are all very invested in their school studies as well as helping love on and care for all of our Whippets. My oldest son, Zack, is 18 years old and a high school graduate now focusing on a career in law enforcement. My 2nd son, Devan, is 17 years old and is also a high school graduate and will start college for a degree in business. He works for prim and proper pooch obedience training dogs with me. My middle son, Drake, is 10 years old and a junior handler with several successful show entries. My youngest son Colt is 8 years old and a football player, coached by his Dad. The youngest is my daughter Raygan who is 7 years old and a star cheerleader! The 7 of us are settled on almost 4 acres of beautiful property in Florida, where the dogs get to run and get all the appropriate exercise that they need to function highly in their performance and conformation events. After their exercise, learning and training they come in and enjoy being house-dogs and all of the extra affection that that title includes. As a breeder, I believe that one of the most important things you get when purchasing a puppy for me is a relationship that we will have for the life of the dog. I would be your resource and personal cheerleader as you raise your puppy to be sure that the transition from my home to yours is a smooth one. Then, I will always be here for you throughout the entire journey of your dog's life through puppy-hood into adulthood and then in to old age. 

Dogs In the Family

Dogs have always been a tremendous part of our lives. This has led to an excellent level of understanding of how to raise and care for your future companion.