Active breeding WHippets



Mars is a handsome muscular Red and White Male.  He has an awesome personality! He is smart and gives great HUGS!!  He has performed in the lure coursing and conformation showing arenas.   He LOVES the lure and shows massive drive in performance.  



Nikki is an AKC Champion! We are so proud of her accomplishments in the conformation ring!  She is also a Hound Group Variety Placement Holder!  She is very sweet, regal and proper in her behavior and an excellent Mommy to her puppies.



Phantom is a SUPER sweet and highly affectionate girl, she loves to snuggle!  She is being shown currently in the conformation ring.  She shows interest in lure coursing but will finish her Championship before any full-time performance events.  Her favorite event in life is CUDDLING! Did you notice the red brindle heart on her side? So fitting  :)



Miss Maybelline (AKA Mabel) is just as her name suggests, Fancy and Sophisticated. She does not jump up or act silly.  She makes me proud, she is very dedicated to the family and her puppies.  She LOVES being a Mom and that is evident by how much time she demands to spend with her babies! She teaches them how to be wonderful Whippets!



Bobby is an AKC Champion and now he enjoys his full-time show career as my son Drake's Junior Handled Dog!  Lucky boys!  Bobby has charisma, energy, "look at me" attitude and drive!  He gives this enthusiasm for life to his kids and grand-kids! Not everyone wants a puppy or adult dog with lots of energy and confidence, so we temperament test all puppies at 6 weeks and assist you in picking the right fit for you and your family.



Huggy is ALMOST done with his Championship and if I could find the time (between puppies and kiddos) to go to more shows he would be a Champion NOW! Huggy is affectionate and playful, when he is excited he lets out a sweet "Roo-Roooooo" for attention.  Whippets barley bark so this talking (so to speak) is adorable.  Huggy has a masculine look with muscle and neck!